Monday, June 29, 2015

Granddaughter's Graduation

Just before heading off to the Canadian Rockies, I flew to Mojave, CA to attend my granddaughter's high school graduation.  Jamie has been a high honors student all through high school and graduated with a 4.0 average.  Below is a picture I took at her graduation receiving a diploma.  There was a family gathering afterward and two days later Jamie left for Boise, ID with her uncle Joe.  Jamie is now enrolled at Boise State University and is majoring in criminal justice with a minor in psychology.  She is very exited to start school in August.

Sunday, June 21, 2015

Back from the Canadian Rockies

We returned this week after having a wonderful tour of the Canadian Rockies for nine days and then spending four days with our son, daughter-in-law and grandchild up in Idaho.  Our daughter drove from Utah along with her significant other for the weekend as well.  We did a number of things together like spending an afternoon in a hot springs and having a cookout with family and friends before we left on Monday morning.

I have over two hundred photos I took while on the trip and need to choose which ones I will begin to post so that you can enjoy some of what we saw.

Monday, May 18, 2015

Cannot wait for my next trip

Very shortly my youngest granddaughter will be graduating from high school.  She is so excited to graduate and then to move to Boise, Idaho.  She will be living with our son and his wife for six weeks before the dorms open at Boise State University.  She received a great scholarship for her first year and she will be majoring in Psychology.
I'll get a chance to ride Gregory the horse I've owned for twelve years.  He is boarded on our daughter's property. His picture is below.  He is now fifteen.
Then my wife and I head up to the Canadian Rockies for a nine day trip provided by the Caravan company.  We used them for our Yellowstone trip last summer and they are excellent.
After the tour we head to Boise, Idaho to spend a long weekend with our son and his family.  Our daughter who lives in Utah is driving up to Boise to join us for the weekend.
What a great trip we have planned.

Sunday, May 10, 2015

After the Sorrow comes a pleasant surprise

We lost one of our neighbors, of twenty-eight years, this past week.  He had suffered through two strokes six months apart and his wife made the decision to take him off life support.  Four days later he passed away.  He was a great friend who would always have a kind word to say, enjoyed going to baseball games and a fan of my writings.  Before he died he had purchased all seven of my existing books.
Following the memorial service we joined those who gathered to share some food and company.  When my wife and I were ready to leave we went to say goodbye to his wife.  We knew their daughter was flying back home on Thursday, and she would then be alone.  My wife invited her to join us for the traditional Sabbath dinner on Friday evening.  The wife immediately accepted and asked what she could bring.
Then she grabbed my hand and said, "Phil has all of your books on a shelf with a heading titled, Joe Smiga's books.  He loved everything you wrote, and I want you to always sell me a copy of any future books you write in your writing career.  While I didn't read most of your books as I don't read that genre,  I read your "Tova" book three times.  Thank you for being there for me."

Sunday, May 3, 2015

A Pleasant Surprise

Last Thursday evening my wife and I visited an art display put on by the Manchester Artist Association.  It was located on North Elm Street.  My wife being an artist, and a member of the group, wanted to go.  Being a creative person and appreciating art I chose to go with her.  It was a great exhibit.

While the art exhibit was very good an unusual thing happened to me when we walked into the gallery.  One of the artists exhibiting walked up to me and said, “I have a bone to pick with you!”

“Okay, I replied, what did I do?”

“I read all three of the trilogy series you wrote, I couldn’t put them down at night; I wound up not getting my usual sleep.”  Then she laughed.  “I loved them they were great, and now you have me as a fan.”

What better testimony can you get from a reader of your novels?  You can order my books on line at

Monday, April 27, 2015

Day after the Robbery in the western sequel

This past Saturday, I did the book signing at the Rotary Craft Fair in Alton, NH.  I was very pleased when the first person who purchased a book said, "I loved your western and I understand you have a sequel out to the book."  I showed her "Silver Lake's Transformation and she walked away a very happy reader.

Because of her comment, I plan to continue my postings of Silver Lake's Transformation since so many people are enjoying westerns today.

Here is:  A Day After the Robbery.

After breakfast, Todd and Lenny take the wounded robber to the sheriff’s office and place him in into one of the two cells.  Doc told them he should have his wound looked at every couple of days and he could do that in the cell.
Todd heads down to the livery stable, Todd asks Sam, “Have you ever seen the brand before on the horse I brought in last night?”
“No, sheriff, I’ve never seen that brand.  You might want to visit with Jeff the blacksmith and describe it to him.  Maybe, he’s fixed shoes on horses with that brand.”
Todd visits with Jeff and comes up with the same negative answer.  He doesn’t recognize the brand either.
Todd heads back to the office.  Inside Lenny tells him, “Our prisoner doesn’t want to answer any questions.”
“Does it surprise you?”
“Hell no!  Is there any information on the brand?”
“None, you stay in the office today except for afternoon rounds.  I’m going to try and find out where his partner wound up.”
Before he leaves town, Todd walks into the general store and checks with Randy to see what they might have taken.”
“So far I’m missing a 12 ga. shotgun, ammunition, and two revolvers of .44 cal.”

“I’m heading out to find the partner of the one we have in a cell.”

Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Made in New Hampshire Fair in Manchester NH

On Friday, April 17th, New Hampshire's Writers Project utilized a three day booth at the fair  for the very first time.  They invited New Hampshire authors who are members of the group to participate and they provided us with two hours of free time. I had two hours from 4-6 pm along with an author named Janis from Dover NH.  Both of us did very well for our two hour time period and I am waiting word to see how other authors did and will they continue the practice.