Friday, April 18, 2014


As they walk along on their hike Anoush says, “I have a question for you?”

“What is your question?”

“Since I’ve come into a great deal of money I would like to do something for Kamil’s parents and also for my own parents.  I have been thinking of sending them a sum of money but I don’t want to place either of them in any jeopardy.  Nor do I want anything to come back to me.”

“How much money do you want to send them?”

“I am thinking of a large sum equal to one hundred thousand dollars each.”

“Most countries are tied into systems to monitor large cash transactions.  That amount would be a red flag.  How old are your parents and Kamil’s?”

“Mine are close to sixty and his are likely to be around the same age.”

“Do you know what trusts are?”

“Yes, and there are different kinds.”

“Let me suggest you set up a non-reconcilable trust and have the money transferred into a separate bank account in Switzerland.  You can even use a different bank.  Let the trust send them small amounts of money anonymously every year for twenty years.  By using a different bank there is no ties to your account.  The bank will disburse the money according to the instructions of the trust.  At the end of twenty years they can divide any amounts left in the account.”

“That is an excellent idea.”

Sunday, April 13, 2014


Inside the white cottage, seven men are seated around the living room.  Each of the men gives his opinion on how the plot should be handled.  After two hours of emotional discussion Mehrak holds up his arms and says, “Right now we have four different approaches to the task.  This is what I want to do.  We are going to send three teams of two into Houston after I go there myself and find what route the prince’s procession will take.  Alborz and Javid will be one team.  Babak and Feroze will be the second.  Ebrahim and Gabar will be the third.  I want each of the teams to meet me at the hotel I will be staying at.  When I give you the route of the procession I want each team to ride the route up and back three or four times.  Then we can meet back here afterwards and make definite plans on what the teams have concluded.  Do you have any questions?”

Sunday, April 6, 2014

The Weekend

Anoush is clearing some small branches that fell while he was away.  He hears a vehicle approaching the house and looks up to see Edina coming up the driveway.

When her car is parked she reaches into the back seat and carries a large grocery bag in her hands.

“What is all this?  Are you moving in?”

Smiling she says, “I would if you owned the place but I have my own home.”

“I’m saved by a lease.”  She pokes him in the arm.

“Do you want some help with the branches?’

“I’ve got most of them the rest can wait for another time.  Did you show everyone in the office your pictures yet?”

“Yesterday, they loved them.  As a matter of fact the other two agents were drooling over them.”

Anoush laughs at her comment.”

“So tell me what’s in the bag?”

“Come inside while I unpack and you will see what I am cooking for dinner.”

They head inside into the kitchen.

Sunday, March 30, 2014

Back to Work

Inside of the Oval Office, John begins explaining to everyone the reason for the prompt meeting.

“When Allison gave us her report about what might be transpiring in Austin,  I remembered we were monitoring one individual for a month.  Near the end of that month we recorded a call that was rushed and the receiver acted as if he didn’t want any part of it.  What got me curious was it wasn’t too long afterwards the oil refinery exploded.  Was he involved, I have no idea.  But I placed a special watch on him which brought no results.

“We are seeing some small traffic from Iran to him.  It is encrypted and we need to sort it out.  However, I want everyone to be aware of this, because after the call I previously talked about, we did try to monitor the guy for another thirty days and that gave us nothing so we gave up watching him.  My gut feeling is this guy is a player in an Iranian cell.  Was he involved in the refinery job, I have no proof.  But I don’t want to be caught short again.”

The president says, “Mark, what has your team found out so far.”

“Sir, I’m sorry to say it’s a dry run so far.  We have nothing to report.”

Sunday, March 23, 2014


Tom wants the four agents to ride by the house of the man they will be doing surveillance on.  “I want each of us to recognize the house this person lives in. We know where he prays and where he works we will drive by those locations as well.  Tomorrow we will rent another vehicle and rotate drivers and cars when we rotate surveillance.  This way there is less likelihood of anyone noticing us.”

The other three nod in agreement.  They must reach a decision regarding this individual whether or not he is a threat to the Saudi Prince.  Somewhere at the top there is a speculation he is involved in an intended plot.

“Let’s have dinner and take our drive by.”

Sunday, March 16, 2014


Nearly a week after Allison gave the Mossad the names of the victims in the bombing, Ariel returns her phone call.

“Ariel, do you have something for me?”

“Some of what you are looking for but not everything.  Some of this you will have to piece together with your intelligence.”  He gave her the dates when each agent left their country and when and where they entered Mexico.

“They entered Mexico, not the United States?”

“That is all I have for you.  I am sure they entered Mexico assuming it would be easier to enter your country through the border as Mexicans than flying into your country.  They may have felt they could be on an airport barring list.”

Sunday, March 9, 2014

Report Information

Ariel Wattenberg is looking at the information Allison sent him as well as the photographs she sent over.  Yes, these are the two men that were hit.  If this was any other circumstance, he would be totally honest with her.  He knows what happened may have been on United States soil but it was vital to Israel’s security.  This time he will wait a couple of days so when he calls her back it appears the Mossad had to do some digging to get the information she requested.

The Mossad knew exactly when the Hezbollah agent left Lebanon and when the Hamas agent left Gaza.  They knew how they traveled and where and how they entered Mexico and later into the United States.  He knows he cannot give her too much information because she will realize they have files on the two men.  She will also realize how good their network is.  It must be in bits and pieces over a period of time.

Ariel lifts his phone and connects with Yosef.  “Yosef has the seed we planted to leak in Austin been accomplished?”

“Yes, our people dropped hints two days after the explosion that the Saudis may have hit the agents in retaliation for Iran attempting to assassinate the Saudi ambassador in Washington last year.  The word put out was they hired an assassin to do the job.”

“Do you think it will work?”

“I’ll lay you odds that rumor has already been passed into Iran and into Saudi Arabia already.”