Monday, July 28, 2014

Assassination Attempt Failed

Anoush turns on his television set and prepares to have his dinner while watching the news.

He sees the headlines of how the Saudi prince was ambushed in downtown Houston.  He wonders how this happened.  Who would be dumb enough to attack a member of the Saudi Royal family? 

He is sure of one thing.  When the Saudis find out, there will be hell to pay.

Monday, July 21, 2014

Entering Main Strreet

The prince’s escort heads down the ramp onto Main Street.  Agent Johnston notifies the helos the procession is close by.
Inside of the Prince’s limo he says to his aide, “We will need to have a tour of this new refinery.  Is it arranged?”
“Yes, sire, it is arranged.  They are very proud of this new venture.  Based on the figures I saw they will be processing more Saudi oil and quicker than before.”
“Good, we need to build plants such as this one as well.  Do you know who constructed it for them?”
“I have it all in my report but I didn’t want to submit it to you until we confirmed it by this trip.”

*     *     * 

The helos fly over Main Street one behind the other.  Helo one says, “One shooter on the parking garage roof.  We will make a second swing to spot the other one.”  They head away and turn around to cross the path again.  Helo two says, “Second shooter on the roof of the insurance building.”
“Let’s head out again and come back in side by side.  The procession is getting close.”

As they near the scene a third time, smoke is discharged by grenades.

Monday, July 14, 2014

Washington DC

In the CIA director’s office, Allison McDonald is speaking with Kevin, her field agent.  “The Saudi prince is due into Houston at eleven.  I know the FBI has plenty of agents working this scenario.  I feel nervous about how this is going to go down.”

“You’re positive that it is going to happen aren’t you?”

“Ninety-nine and nine tenths percent positive.”

“If something happens to the prince, the political fall-out will be disastrous,” states Kevin.

“That is putting it mildly, Kevin.”

Tuesday, July 8, 2014


Mehrak and Javid timed their trip so they didn’t arrive in Houston until four in the morning.  They pulled up in front of the insurance building.  At that hour there was no one on security because of the specialty locks on each unit in the building. 

Mehrak and Javid remove the dolly from the SUV and then load one of the RPG crates onto the dolly which they cover with a heavy blanket.  They enter the entrance way and take the elevator to the top floor.  They make sure their faces are not visible to the security monitors on the wall.  On the top floor Javid and Mehrak proceed up one flight of stairs to the rooftop. 

Mehrak says, “These suckers are heavy especially going up flights of stairs.”

Javid teases him, “You’re just getting old Mehrak.”


The entrance to the rooftop does not have an alarm.  They move the dolly to the front of the building overlooking Main Street.  Mehrak removes the screws from the cover of the crate except for two of them.  He moves the crate into the corner and covers it with the blanket.  The whole process took them twenty minutes.  Javid and Mehrak leave the rooftop taking the dolly with them.

Sunday, June 15, 2014

A Week Before

The seven Iranians are meeting in the white cottage they met in before for one final time, before they depart for Houston.  Mehrak tells them the locations of where each member will stand on ground level to blockade the Prince’s procession of vehicles.  He and Javid will be on the rooftops opposite each other.

The FBI rented a van with tinted windows to park near the cottage.  When they arrive they don’t have access to a parking spot as close as they would have liked to use.  Agent Reynolds was familiar with the listening equipment but the unit wasn’t functioning well.  The harder he tried the worse it seemed to operate.

“Damn it,” Reynolds said.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Five Weeks Before

Mehrak and Javid are meeting for lunch.  Javid has the go ahead to order the RPGs.  After lunch Mehrak will give him the money for the deposit.  Mehrak says, “I need your contact’s name and the way to get in touch with him.  This is merely a precaution.  You never know what can happen.  I also want to know where you will be storing them.”

“I understand your caution, Mehrak.  However, I would suggest so long as I am in the picture you let me handle everything.”

“I agree, this is too big for mistakes and I am trying to cover all the bases,” says Mehrak.

“I don’t have a problem with what you are saying.  You are the team leader and have a right to know.”

When the two of them are finished with lunch Javid follows Mehrak back to his vehicle.  He enters the passenger side and after five minutes he leaves with a satchel.”

The FBI agents assigned to both men are taking videos of the transaction.

Saturday, May 31, 2014

Main Street

Mehrak travels to Houston using cruise control.  He doesn’t want any record of him being stopped by police heading to Houston.  After this is over he is planning to return to Iran.  He realizes things are going to get very hot around here and he’s not referring to the weather.

Three hours later he drives into the parking lot for his downtown hotel.  His plan is to relax the remainder of the day and tomorrow.  Sunday he will wander around downtown, hopefully without many individuals walking around.  He wants time to select a location where the buildings would accommodate RPGs being fired from the roofs.  His other criteria are there must be cross over traffic for his people on the ground to perform their tasks.  Third, there needs to be close exit availability for them to get away.