Monday, December 15, 2014

Next morning

Carlos looks over at Joan and dares to say, “Would you like to join me this morning when I head out to your dad’s ranch?”

“I would enjoy that.   I’ll be ready to leave in about fifteen minutes.”

“I’ll saddle your horse for you.” 

“Carlos, we’ll have lunch at the S&R.  I can handle my own saddle.  One man dotting over me is enough right now,” as she glares down at Tyler.

Todd and Lenny pick up on her comment, but let it drop.

Tyler gives her his big smile from across the table.

Todd, Lenny and Tyler are the three left at the table.  Drinking coffee, Lenny says, “Do I really have to go into town, I want a job here.”

Tyler laughs and says, “Yeah, and in six months you would be bored silly.  I know you better.”

Monday, December 8, 2014

Todd and Lenny arrive

“However, that’s not the big news of the day.”

“So share with us what did you learn in town.”

After he is finished talking, the three women are shocked that this happened around Silver Lake.”

“I cannot wait for your two friends to arrive after hearing what has been going on in this town.”
As Joan makes that statement, Tyler hears horses entering the yard and rises from the table.

Looking out the window, Tyler says, “Todd and Lenny just arrived.”

Tyler and Joan walk out of the house onto the porch.

Todd and Lenny dismount and give Tyler a big smile.  Todd is the taller of the two but only by a couple of inches.  Both men have mustaches and have broad shoulders with big hands.

Tyler walks down the steps and greets both men as they walk around their horses.  He grabs a hold of each one and gives them a hug.

Monday, December 1, 2014

Leo's Office

When Peter enters the office, Leo stands.  “Peter, this is Seth and Jonathan from a Salt Lake City investment firm.  They just informed me the stage was robbed and four men were killed. The gold the stage was carrying is missing.”

“Leo, why wasn’t the town council informed this shipment of gold was arriving?”

“We were trying to keep the shipment a secret,” remarks Seth.

“Somehow, someone found out about it.  I’m sure it wasn’t from anyone here in town.  It seems no one even knew about it.  Henry just told me he only learned this afternoon, there was gold on today’s stage.”

“Have a seat, Peter,” says Leo.

Frustrated, Peter sits next to Jonathan and asks, “What happens next?”

Monday, November 24, 2014

Robbery Scene

It took forty-five minutes for Seth and Jonathan to get close to the scene. They see buzzards circling.  Seth says, “Shit, I knew we would find a mess.”

They ride closer and see the horses tangled together lying on their sides, two trying desperately to get upright, the stagecoach overturned, and four bodies nearby.

Jonathan is the first one to dismount.  He checks three of the bodies while Seth checks the fourth.  All four of the men are dead from gunshot wounds.

Jonathan turns to the horses.  “Seth, help me, we definitely have two dead horses and the middle two might have to be put down.  I think we can save the third pair.”

Monday, November 17, 2014

Stagecoach Ambush

Herman lifts his telescope when he sees a cloud of dust coming around the bend created by the team of running horses.  To his surprise, and pleasure, there are two men sitting up on top of the coach.  One is the driver and the other is holding a shotgun.

Herman sends Clyde to tell their brothers the gold is on this wagon and to make sure they follow the plan.

Clyde gets back into position up on the ridge and they wait patiently for the stage to come near their ambush.

As the coach approaches Clyde takes a shot at the lead horse in front of the driver.  Immediately the right front horse is shot from the gulley by Ernie.  Both horses fall and momentum causes the remaining four horses to topple over the two fallen animals.  The coach is lifted upwards by the momentum and rises on top of the horses.  There is nothing the driver can do; the stage topples on its side.  Two horses are probably dead and the other four might be injured.

The driver and the man riding shotgun have been thrown to the ground and two men riding inside of the coach are desperately trying to get outside. 

Monday, November 10, 2014

Checking the sites for a holdup

While Herman rode along with his brothers to get an idea of how to set up the ambush he felt pleased with their three choices.  Each one had its advantages and disadvantages.  After reviewing the three sites he made a decision.  It was the last of the three sites they looked at.  Herman saw the third site gave them a good field of vision towards the route the stage would be coming to Silver Lake.  It had a rise off to one side which gave him the height to keep a keen lookout and crops of boulders to set up behind to fire down at the coach.  The opposite side of the route had a gulley about ten yards from the road.  It would be perfect to hit the stage from both sides of the road without being seen.  It also had some trees at the other side of the rise they could picket the horses and the mules.  The only issue they had was there was no water and they would have to carry in their own each day.

Tuesday, October 28, 2014

Planning the Stage Robbery

That night while eating dinner at their campsite, the Stevens brothers talk about the three possible ambush sites they feel are good places for a holdup.

Herman listens as each of his brothers gives their personal opinion on which one they feel they should use.

When his brothers are through Herman says he’ll think about each site and when they ride out tomorrow he will select one of them to station themselves on. 

“Are we going to wait in the sun all day for the stage?” ask Dick.

“No, we have an idea of the time frame the coach should arrive.  We’ll get there a couple of hours earlier each day.”